ITS America

State Chapters

ITS America State Chapters

ITS Alaska
2019 Annual Meeting TBD
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President:  Les Jacobson, WSP 

ITS Arizona
2019 Annual Meeting: September 24-25 | Mesa, Arizona
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President:  Kim Carroll, Kimley-Horn

ITS California
2019 Annual Meeting: September 9-11 | Los Angeles
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Chair:  Melissa Hewitt, Kimley-Horn and Associates
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ITS Carolinas
2019 Annual Meeting: March 18-19 | Charlotte
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President: Dan Campbell, South Carolina DOT

ITS Connecticut
2019 Joint Winter Meeting: January 30, 2019 | Wallingford, CT
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President:  Fred Eshraghi, City of Norwalk

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President: Jeff Marootian, DDOT

ITS Florida
2019 I3 Transportation Showcase: June 23-26 | Orlando, FL
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President: Sara Calhoun, VIBE Engineering

ITS Georgia
2019 Annual Meeting: October 6-8 | Athens, GA
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President: Jenny Johnson, Kimley-Horn
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Gulf Region ITS (Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi)
2019 Annual Meeting TBD
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President:  Diane Hammonds, Sain Associates

ITS Heartland (Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma)
2019 Annual Meeting: April 29 - May 1 | Kansas City, MO
Membership Info
President: Randy Johnson, Missouri DOT

ITS Maryland
2019 Annual Meeting: October 16, 2019 | Maritime Institute
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President:  Kyle Tarnoviski, STV

ITS Michigan
2019 Annual Meeting TBD
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President: Debby Bezzina, UMTRI

ITS Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio)
2019 Annual Meeting: September 26-27 | Chicago, Illinois
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President:  Ken Glassman, Jacobs

ITS Minnesota
2019 Transportation Conference: March 13-14 | St. Paul, MN
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President:  Brian Kary, Minnesota Department of Transportation

ITS Nevada
2019 Annual Meeting TBD
Membership Info
President:  Irfan Zubair, Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc.

New England ITS (Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island)
2019 Annual Interchange: April 25 | Manchester, NH
Membership Info
President: Chris Chaffee, AECOM

ITS New Jersey
2019 Annual Meeting: October 28 | Princeton, NJ
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President: Stephen Dilts, HNTB Corporation

ITS New Mexico
2019 Annual Meeting: October 29, 2019
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President: Chris Schroeder, Real Time Solutions

ITS New York
ITS-NY 26th Annual Meeting and Technology Exhibition: June 13-14 | Saratoga Springs
Membership Info
President:  Jeff Randall, Jacobs
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ITS Pennsylvania
2019 ITSPA Annual Conference & PA Automated Vehicle Summit: September 4-6, 2019 |
Kalahari Convention Center, Pocono Manor

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President: Kevin Conahan, Drive Engineering

ITS Rocky Mountain (Idaho, Utah, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming)
2019 Annual Meeting: September 17 | Salt Lake City, UT
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President:  Jim Larsen, Ada County Highway District

ITS Tennessee
2019 Annual Meeting: April 10-12 | Franklin, TN
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President:  Mark Washing, Volkert

ITS Texas
2019 Annual Meeting: November 14-15; Technical Training November 13 | Irving, TX
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President: Marian Thompson, North Central Texas Council of Governments

ITS Virginia
2019 NoVa Transportation Roundtable: March 13 | Fairfax, VA
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President:  Robb Alexander, Virginia Department of Transportation

ITS Washington
2019 Annual Meeting TBD
Membership Info
President: Chris Grgich, Fehr & Peers

ITS Wisconsin
2019 Transportation Conference: November 6 | Pewaukee, WI
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President:  Amy Worzella, Lakeside Engineers

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2018 OUTSTANDING State chapter Award winner

ITS California

2018 Overall Membership Growth Award Winner

ITS Carolinas

2017 Outstanding State Chapter Award Winners

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Division IV: ITS Carolinas

2017 Overall Membership Growth Award Winner

ITS Georgia

2016 Outstanding State Chapter Award Winners

Division II: ITS Georgia

Division III: ITS Pennsylvania

Division IV: ITS Washington