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Reports/White Papers

Reports/White Papers


ITS America’s technical staff are an industry resource with a pulse on the latest ITS developments, domestically and internationally. Our technology forecasts, assessments, and white papers focus on long range, global, and cross-cutting technologies, particularly “game-changing” scenarios where a potential technological breakthrough or socio-economic change may favor one technology over another. Work also includes quantifying benefits of advanced technologies.

ITS America has authored reports on topics such as Trends in Computer Vision, Trends in Machine-to-Machine Communications, Fourth Generation Wireless - Vehicle and Highway Gateways to the Cloud, and The Supporting Role of Safety and Mobility Services. In addition, ITS America has conducted a variety of market studies for both public and private sector industry partners.

Past reports can be found below:

Rise of the Real-Time Traveler - September 2015

Smart Parking and the Connected Consumer - December 2012