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ITS Deployment Tracking Survey: Connected Vehicle Technologies and Beyond Webinar

To what extent are agencies planning to deploy connected vehicle technologies? Which connected vehicle applications are they planning to deploy? What barriers are preventing agencies from considering these technologies? This webinar will present key findings on a new set of connected vehicle questions included in the 2016-2017 ITS Deployment Tracking Survey. This interactive session will also seek participant feedback on the types of advanced technologies and deployment information that future deployment tracking surveys should collect. The session aims to gather input on how we can make the survey more useful to users, including deployers, planners, researchers, and policy makers.

Speakers: Marcia Pincus, Program Manager, ITS Deployment Evaluation, USDOT ITS JPO; Steve Gordon, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Margaret Petrella and Lora Chajka-Cadin, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center

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