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ITS America Member Portal FAQ - December 2017

What is this?
ITS America is excited to move to a more robust online platform for membership management. The ITS America Member Portal will run on MemberNation, a Fonteva/Salesforce platform. It will house your dues invoices, contact information, and other services that can be accessed easily and quickly. If you would like to learn more, join us on Monday, December 18th for an overview webinar.

How do I access my account?
You will have received an initial log-in information from Fonteva/Salesforce regarding your account activation. If you cannot find or did not receive those emails, please check your spam folder and let us know!  Additionally, the ITS America Membership portal can be accessed from our Member Tools page. 

Can I update my profile image?
You sure can (and you should!) Your profile is similar to other social media platforms - upload any photo of yourself you'd like. 

How do I pay an invoice?
On the left-hand side of your profile is the Subscriptions tab. "Subscription" is how purchases are defined in the MemberNation system - in this case, your membership level. Your payment methods, transaction records, and other information are also noted along the left-hand side of your profile. Your invoice is available and there, and you can input any types of payment you'd like. If you are having issues inputting your credit card and saving, let us know. 

Do you still accept payment by check?
Don't worry,  ITS America membership does still accept payment via check. Staff will log all check payments in the database, and those payments will be reflected in your online account.

How do I see when my membership expires?
Under "Subscription", the date remaining on your membership will appear. Please note that the time reflected includes your membership "grace period" for payment before your membership is deactivated. 

How do I update my address or contact information?
The first field you see when logging in should be your name and contact information, including additional information that may be pertinent or helpful. Update and save whenever your personal information whenever you wish!

How do I update my company’s membership roster?
Only the Primary Representative for your organization's membership has access to your organization's membership roster. Primary reps can "activate" or "deactivate" people by clicking on the check mark logo on the left side of their name. Permanent deletion of accounts from the system is possible by contacting ITS America staff. If you are the Primary Representative and have questions on how to activate or deactivate people listed on your company roster, please contact us. 

When will communities be launched?
As the staff builds out the MemberNation platform, we will begin implementing Community Discussion groups for our members to join. Have a topic you’d like to see included? Contact us and let us know!  Once communities are launched, members can easily join by clicking the “Groups” tab at the top right of your profile, and making your selection. The “Join” button is located at the top of each public group. Participation in private groups are not open to all members, although any member may see the roster of a private group.

How does the Member Directory work?
The ITS America Member Directory provides a list of our member companies, and the name of the primary representative for the organization. ITS America does not provide email addresses or phone numbers in accordance with our privacy policy.

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