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Member Tools


ITS America provides online access to update the details of your membership account, access exclusive member news, pay your annual dues online, and learn more about the organization. 

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Membership Portal - Login now

Update Membership Records - Update your company's primary membership representative, address and other contact information, and more.

Pay Annual Dues - Pay dues online, and print invoices and receipts.

Access Member Directory - Access the full ITS America membership directory. 

Online Member Communities - Participate in online discussion groups specific to your business interests.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the ITS America Member Portal

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Member Communications

Social Media - Connect with ITS America through a variety of digital platforms.

ITS America Smartbrief - The smarter way to stay on top of transportation technology industry.

🔒 Member Buzz - Want to reach a larger audience? Members can share their news and achievements with other members. Member Buzz is distributed every week to all ITS America members.

Policy Rundown - Hear from ITS America policy experts about breaking news in Legislative, Regulatory, and State. Current issues are exclusive for ITS America Advocacy Trust members. 

Mobility Rush - ITS America partners with the Federal Transit Administration to provide key news and information about Mobility on Demand (MOD). The MOD initiative envisions a multi-modal, integrated, automated, accessible, and connected transportation system in which personalized mobility is a key feature. MOD allows for the use of on-demand information, real-time data, and predictive analysis to leverage technologies that allow for a traveler-centric approach... providing better mobility options for everyone. 


knowledge Center

ITS Stakeholder Webinars - On behalf of the U.S. Department of Transportation, ITS America frequently delivers webinars to the ITS stakeholder community in order to inform interested parties of some of the current work that is being done in the industry.

Reports - Access technology reports, whitepapers, and more from ITS America. 

Industry Links - Government and website, related associations, and other resources for education and training.

ITS America Member Presented Webinars - Coming Soon!