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2019 ITS America Forum: Urban Smart Mobility

2019 ITS America Executive Forum

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Urban Smart Mobility

September 17, 2019 | 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
NYCDOT BID Room |55 Water Street New York City, NY 10004

Cities and urban centers have quickly become hubs for new mobility deployments due to wireless communications and other technology innovations. New mobility concepts and solutions, from ride sourcing, to bike, scooter- and car-sharing systems to demand-responsive bus services, are providing travelers with flexible and convenient transportation options.  As new technologies flood the marketplace, city planners and departments of transportation must determine how best to deploy these solutions in a safe and equitable manner, integrating them into existing infrastructure. As the mobility landscape continues to evolve, cities also must look at how new technologies can increase safety, reduce congestion and improve the efficiency of the system, while providing new models for pricing infrastructure and providing enhanced services.  

This one-day Executive Forum will bring together key public sector leaders and private sector executives to discuss how their sectors must work together — from the planning process to deployment — in order to create a safer, greener and smarter environment that connects more users to the transportation network and provides more options for consumers.

Keynote Speaker: Commissioner Polly Trottenberg, NYCDOT

Fireside Chat on Congestion Pricing: Sam Schwartz, PE, President Chief Executive Officer + Founder, Sam Schwartz Consulting

How Do Cities Pave the Way for Innovation?

·      Moderator: Amy Ford,Director, Mobility on Demand Alliance
·      Jeff Marootian, Director of the District Department of Transportation
·      Cordell Schachter, CTO, NYC Department of Transportation
·      David Leopold, Director of City Solutions, CityTech
·      Eulois Cleckley, Executive Director of Public Works for the City and County of Denver

How to Improve the Private Sector/City Planner Relationship?

·       Moderator: Pete Gould, Founding Partner, Shared Mobility Strategies
·       Roger Millar, Secretary of Transportation, WSDOT
·       Amy Lopez, Director of Public Services, INRIX
·       Caroline Samponaro, Head of Micromobility Policy, Lyft
·       Gerry Bogacz, Planning Director, New York Metropolitan Transportation Commission
·       Steve Levine, Executive Director, TRANSCOM

What are the Emerging Technology Trends in Transit?

·       Moderator: Jennifer Cohan, Secretary, Delaware Department of Transportation
·       Rob Galvin, Chief Technology Officer for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
·       Tina Quigley, CEO of the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada
·       Dillon Twombly, CRO, Via
·       Joanna M. Pinkerton, President and CEO, Central Ohio Transit Authority
·       Crissy Ditmore, Director of Strategy, CUBIC

How Does Smart Transportation Enhance Mobility in Urban Areas?

·      Moderator: Sarah Kaufman, Associate Director, NYU Rudin Center for Transportation & Adjunct Assistant Professor, Urban Planning
·      Chris Pangilinan, Head of Global Policy for Public Transportation, Uber
·      Ali Vahabzadeh, CEO & Founder, curbFlow
·      Tilly Chang, Executive Director, San Francisco County Transportation Authority
·      Courtney Sung, Director of Strategy & Business Development, Remix
·      Quemuel Arroyo, Chief Accessibility Specialist, NYCDOT


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