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The Intelligent Transportation Society of America advances the research and deployment of intelligent transportation technologies to save lives, improve mobility, promote sustainability, and increase efficiency and productivity.



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ITS America Executive Forum: Urban Smart Mobility

September 17, 2019 | New York, NY

Cities and urban centers have quickly become hubs for new mobility deployments due to wireless communications and other technology innovations. New mobility concepts and solutions, from ride sourcing, to bike, scooter- and car-sharing systems to demand-responsive bus services, are providing travelers with flexible and convenient transportation options. This one-day Executive Forum will bring together key public sector leaders and private sector executives to discuss how their sectors must work together — from the planning process to deployment — in order to create a safer, greener and smarter environment. Learn more…

Automotive & OEMs

Our automotive members include Toyota, Audi, GM, and other global manufacturing leaders.


Our start-up members include forward-thinking technology entrepreneurs, leading development in auto service, trucking technologies, mapping applications, and other ITS advancements.


ITS America participants generate interest, support, and development of on Smart City and vehicle-to-infrastructure technologies, and commit to major improvements for our roads, bridges, and critical transit systems.


Renowned research institutions like NREL, SWRI, and other engineering firms are an significant and valuable knowledge base for our members and the industry. 


Federal and State DoT leaders, county officials, and cities like New York City are the vital public input for ITS policy and business development. 


University programs that focus on the future of intelligent transportation include University of Michigan, Virginia Tech, Carnegie Mellon, University of Maryland, University of Texas, and many more.


We are making the roads safer, but that’s not enough - our goal in Delaware is to reach zero fatalities. One of the best ways to reach that goal is by using technology, and at ITS America, we are unanimous in our commitment to saving lives through intelligent transportation technologies.
— Jennifer Cohan, Secretary, Delaware Department of Transportation


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