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How to Form a State Chapter

If you are interested in forming an ITS chapter in your state, ITS America can help you. There are many resources and information sources that can assist you in getting started. To form an official ITS America state or regional chapter, the following requirements must be met:

  • Have continual participation by 10 or more members on a continuous basis
  • At least three of the chapter officers, including the president, and 50% of the board must hold national ITS America membership
  • Open membership to all individuals or organizations interested in ITS
  • Participation of key transportation agencies in geographic area
  • Payment of an annual $270 state chapter affiliation fee
  • Conduct an annual meeting of the membership
  • Submit an annual report and membership roster to ITS America
  • Incorporate as a tax exempt organization in the state
  • Provide a State Charter Application, Affiliation Agreement, Articles of Incorporation, and Bylaws to ITS America.
Here are a number of materials to help with chapter formation:
  • Chapter Benefits List - DOC
  • Guide to Developing an ITS America State Chapter - DOC
  • Chapter Chartering Process Checklist - DOC
  • Chapter Contact Information Form - DOC
  • Chapter Leadership Information Form - DOC
  • Chapter Charter Application Form - DOC
  • Chapter Affiliation Agreement - DOC
  • Chapter Bylaws - DOC



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