State Chapters

ITS America’s 25 State Chapters provide a vital resource for networking, information and advocacy at the local level across 43 states.  If you are a member of ITS America residing or doing business in a state that is not represented by a chapter, we encourage you to consider forming one.

If your organization is a member of ITS America, you are eligible to receive rebates to use towards state chapter membership depending on your ITS America annual dues level.  If your organization is a current member of ITS America and your are not taking advantage of this benefit OR your organization is planning to join and you know which chapter(s) you would like to designate, contact

Organizations Paying $500 – $3,999 in dues = 1 $100 Chapter Rebate
Organizations Paying $4,000 – $10,999 in dues = 2 $100 Chapter Rebates
Organizations Paying $11,000 and higher = 3 $100 Chapter Rebates

2016 Annual Meeting: October 20, 2016 – Anchorage, Alaska
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President:  Les Jacobson, Parsons Brinckerhoff

ITS Arizona

2016 Annual Conference: September 28-29, 2016, Mesa, AZ
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President:  Jamie Blakeman, PE, PTOE

ITS California

2016 Annual Conference & Exposition: September 19-21, 2016
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Chair:  Josh Peterman, Fehr & Peers Associates, Inc.
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 ITS Carolinas

2016 Annual Conference & Exposition: September 12-13, 2016, Charlotte, North Carolina
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ITS Connecticut

2016 Annual Meeting: September 28, 2016, Berlin, Connecticut
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President:  Fred Eshraghi, City of Norwalk

ITS Florida

2016 Annual Meeting:
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President:  Sara Calhoun, VIBE

ITS Georgia

2016 Annual Meeting: September 25-27, 2016, Pine Mountain, Georgia
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President:  Mike Holt, Parsons Brinckerhoff
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Gulf Region ITS (Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi)

2016 Annual Meeting: November 14-16, 2016, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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President:  Wayne Curry, InLine

ITS Heartland (Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma)

2016 Annual Meeting: April 25-27, 2016, Des Moines, Iowa
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President:  Mandy Anderson, GBA

ITS Maryland

2016 Annual Meeting: September 21 – 20, 2016
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President:  Ruihua Tao, State Highway Administration

ITS Michigan

2016 Annual Meeting:
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President:  Matt Klawon, AECOM

ITS Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio)

2016 Annual Meeting: September 22-23, 2016,  Louisville, Kentucky
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President:  David Zavattaro

ITS Minnesota

2016 Annual Meeting: October 18, 2016, St. Paul, Minnesota
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President:  Thomas Jensen, PE, Alliant Engineering, Inc.

ITS Nevada

25th Annual Fall Transportation Conference:
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President:  Irfan Zubair, Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc.

New England ITS (Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island)

2016 New England ITs Annual Interchange: May 13, 2016, Boston MA
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President: David Matton, Howard Stein Hudson

ITS New Jersey

2016 Annual Meeting: October 19, 2016, New Brunswick, New Jersey
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President: Stephen Dilts, HNTB Corporation

ITS New Mexico

2016 Annual Meeting:
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President:  Nathan Masek, Mid-Region Council of Governments

ITS New York

2016 Annual Meeting:  June 9-10, 2016, Saratoga Springs, NY
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President:  Jeff Randall, Jacobs
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ITS Pennsylvania

2016 MASITE/ITSPA Annual Conference: August 28-30, 2016, State College, PA
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President:  Amber Reimnitz, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

ITS Rocky Mountain (Idaho, Utah, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming)

CO/WY ITE & ITS Rocky Mountain Joint Meeting: October 20-21, 2016, Greater Denver Area
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President:  Mark Owens, Iteris, Inc.

ITS Tennessee

2016 Annual Meeting: October 2-5, 2016, Chattanooga, TN
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President:  Phillip Freeze, Tennessee DOT

ITS Texas

2016 Annual Meeting: November 9-11, 2016, Richardson, Texas
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President:  Jeff Kaufman, Houston-Gavelston Area Council

ITS Virginia

2016 Annual Conference & Exposition: May 19-20, 2016
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President:  Jon Chambers, Kimley-Horn & Associates

ITS Washington

2016 Annual Meeting: December 6-7, 2016
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President: Joey Yang, PE, HDR

ITS Wisconsin

2016 ITS Forum:  September 28,2016, Union South on the University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus
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President:  Don Schell, Wisconsin Department of Transportation