ITS America’s Newly Defined Mission & Member Value

THE organization focused on advancing the deployment of intelligent transportation systems through the identification & execution of public policy at the local, state, and federal levels. This advocacy focus will incorporate legislative & regulatory initiatives, grassroots coalition building & educational efforts, events, conferences & programs aligned with policy objectives. This focus on creating a policy environment will present ample opportunities for increased & deepened membership engagement.

Who are ITS America’s Members?

ITS America is the only organization nationally where private companies, researchers, academics and public agencies come to one table. This is extremely important in the public policy space where the stakeholders can engage with oneanother to advance the next generation of transportation .

Why Should I Join ITS America?

Do you have colleagues who could benefit from ITS America membership? When your organization joins ITS America, it receives an unlimited number of memberships at no extra cost, allowing you and all of your colleagues to:

  • Gain access to the expertise and experiences of the country’s leading transportation and technology decision makers and innovators.
  • Reach key local, state and federal policymakers who affect transportation policy and business.
  • Build relationships and develop business opportunities among public sector and private industry partners, research institutes, and academia.
  • Leverage valuable information resources – ITS America staff, conferences, monthly webinar sessions and countless other networking opportunities – to achieve your professional goals

Basic Membership Information:

Membership Application: Private Sector or Public Sector

Contact the ITS America membership team to discuss how your organization can get the most out of ITS America membership.

Rachel Rettberg
Membership & Meetings Coordinator