Computer Vision

Camera based "Computer Vision," have been employed to support Advance Driver Assistance Systems in vehicles, and advance traffic management systems on highways. All of these sensors are critical to support the next generation of Autonomous Vehicles as well, such as the Google Self-Driving Car.

Report: Trends in Computer Vision

An overview of vision-based data acquisition and processing technology and its potential for the transportation sector  pdf html 

This paper foresees imaging technology rapidly advancing in applications that require simple object detection, such as vehicle collision avoidance and advanced traffic management systems. The paper speculates that future advances, such as improved object detection algorithms, machine learning and “augmented reality” may influence a number of transportation applications in the automotive, industrial, and infrastructure sectors.

For a companion webinar - Computer Vision and Intelligent Transportation Systems Webinar - Ned Lecky, July 2012 

Contacts for ITS America's Technology Scan

Steven H. BaylessAdrian GuanSean Murphy and Patrick Son


This report is part of the Technology Scan and Assessment series. To learn more about USDOT's Connected Vehicle Research, visit USDOT ITS Joint Program Office website and read the Technology Scan and Assessment Fact Sheet.

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