4G Wireless - Vehicle and Highway Gateways to the Cloud

Fourth generation (4G) wireless represents an enormous opportunity in transportation. 4G will not only enable new vehicle applications, but transportation infrastructure and "right-of-way" may potentially play host to these networks


Report: Fourth Generation Wireless

Vehicle and Highway Gateways to the Cloud  pdf  html

This paper examines how next generation wide-area cellular such as 4G will be able to support vehicular applications, and how transportation infrastructure may mesh with wireless networks.

Specifically, the report suggests that automotive electronics engineers will need to be cognizant of how application data is treated by 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks, and how innovations such as self-organizing small-cells, “traffic shaping” and heterogeneous or “vertical roaming” across different radio access technologies may improve the performance of off-board or “cloud” -based vehicular applications

This report speculates on the future impact of a given technology to the transportation sector in general, and specifically to a future Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to-Device, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X) core system relying on vehicle Dedicated Short Range Communications, as contemplated in USDOT's Connected Vehicle R&D program.

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This a companion report to Machine-to-Machine Communications: M2M Technology and Potential for the Transportation Sector.


Contacts for ITS America's Technology Scan

Steven H. BaylessAdrian GuanSean Murphy and Patrick Son


This report is part of the Technology Scan and Assessment series. To learn more about USDOT's Connected Vehicle Research, visit USDOT ITS Joint Program Office website and read the Technology Scan and Assessment Fact Sheet.

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