Driver Assistance & Autonomous Driving - Challenges and Opportunities

 Advanced Driver Assistance is a critical first step in a slow transition to automated (semi- or fully-) autonomous vehicles on our highways. Smarter cars, but also smarter infrastructure will be key.  


Assessment: Advanced Driver Assistance and Autonomous Vehicles 

Challenges and Opportunities to Improve Mobility and Safety 

Report Coming in 2014

This future Technology Assessment paper will address the spectrum of feature sets of Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and examines how improvements in sensing and actuation systems will expand these sets to autonomous driving over the long term. It will address to challenge of driver engagement, machine perception and data management, and the evolution of sensor fusion and advance modeling of driving operations and scenarios that is required to advance driving automation.   Role of   navigation/geographical data and active traffic management will be highlighted.

Finally the report will speculate on the issue of acceptance of driver assistance and driving automation on the part of the public.  New business models and public policies may need to be introduced to smooth the transition for technology companies and roadway authorities to put these concepts safely and fairly into practice.   

This report speculates on the future impact of a ADAS and Autonomous driving on the transportation sector in general, and specifically to a future Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to-Device, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X) core system relying on vehicle Dedicated Short Range Communications/Wireless Access for Vehicular Environments (WAVE), as contemplated in USDOT's Connected Vehicle R&D program.


Contacts for ITS America's Technology Scan

Steven H. BaylessAdrian GuanSean Murphy and Patrick Son


This report is part of the Technology Scan and Assessment series. To learn more about USDOT's Connected Vehicle Research, visit USDOT ITS Joint Program Office website and read the Technology Scan and Assessment Fact Sheet.

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