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Personal navigation and traffic has been is all about reducing uncertainty about your trip  - how to get there, and where to avoid traffic.  How can Automotive OEMS and personal navigation device manufacterers,  or even road, transit or commercial fleet operators evaluate the quality of the traffic data they are providing to their drivers or front line managers?

Report: Traffic Information Benchmarking Guidelines

A Process for Assessing and Comparing Traffic Information Services in North America

The North American Traffic Working Group (NATWG) released its Traffic Information Benchmarking Guildelines (Version 1.0) on April 28, 2010 and open up has opened up its methodology up for open-source collaborative validation and revision. Released under a Creative Commons License, these guidelines describe a recommended benchmarking method to evaluate the quality of traffic information estimates on a roadway network. 

The purpose of these benchmarking guidelines is to offer the market a more unified way of assessing and comparing traffic information services.  Through a consensus of major participants in traffic information analysis including NAVTEQ and INRIX, along with leading academic institutions including UC Berkeley's California Center for Innovative Transportation, the Texas Transportation Institute and others, NATWG developed these benchmarking guidelines in an effort to reduce buyer evaluation costs and improve overall conditions in the expanding and multi-faceted marketplace for Traffic Information and similar Location Based Services. 

Version 1.0 of the Traffic Information Benchmarking Guidelines is a methodology that provides a basic, transparent process designed with explicit parameters, allowing an educated consumer to form and validate their own view regarding marketplace claims of traffic information product or service quality. Currently, the NATWG is validating the methodology using anonymized test data sets, but welcomes any interested party that has data it would like to use to evaluate and experiment with the benchmarking guidelines in maturing the definitions, processes and benchmarks. 

Open Adaptation and Improvements to the Benchmarking Guidelines: A Living Document

The success of the benchmarking guidelines hinges on the voluntary adoption and adherence of market producers and consumers of traffic information. In order to encourage adoption, ITS America is publishing Traffic Information Benchmarking Guidelines, (Version 1.0) on behalf of NATWG under "for attribution, share-alike" Creative Commons license. This license is designed to make it easier for industry and the public sector organizations to build upon the work of NATWG and to share their work in an open source manner, under their own auspices or in close collaboration with NATWG. 

ITS America has posted the document for online collaborative review, comment and detailed adaption on its wiki as service to the traffic information community. Version 1.0 appears in PDF format, with a wiki version that is editable by anyone! Comments and changes are welcomed by friends and members of NATWG and are reviewed by the NATWG Requirements Team. 

To View the PDF click here. To see and overview presentation, click here.

To comment and make revisions or clarifications to the Traffic Information Benchmarking Guildelines (Version 1.0) in the wiki, go to the NATWG WikiSpace!




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