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Transportation Safety Advancement Group

Formerly known as the Public Safety Advisory Group (PSAG) the Transportation Safety Advancement Group (TSAG) will continue its charter mission of advancing the application of transportation technologies for enhanced transportation safety, mobility, and economy. TSAG is comprised of members from key transportation and public safety interests and stakeholders: Fire and Rescue, Emergency Communications, Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, Transportation Operations, Emergency Management, Technology and Telematics, Academics and Research.
Under its new name, TSAG continues to pursue an aggressive agenda to gain insight from public and private interests for providing feedback and guidance to the ITS Joint Program Office of the U.S. Department of Transportation on policy and program matters relating to proven and emerging transportation technologies.
TSAG members represent key transportation, public safety, and technology communities, including Law Enforcement, Transportation Operations, Communications, Fire & Safety, Emergency Medical Services, Academic & Research, Technology & Telematics, and Emergency Management. Through its multi-year Strategic Plan and Annual Work Plans, TSAG promotes an understanding of ITS and advanced-technology applications for improving operations, safety, and inter-discipline / inter-agency interface.
Additional information on TSAG can be found at http://www.tsag-its.org.
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