North American Traffic Working Group (NATWG)

The North American Traffic Working Group (NATWG) are ITS America members working collaboratively to define, accept and advocate for the unique needs of North America traffic information services. NATWG seeks to develop a coordinated, proactive market driven implementation of traffic and travel information services and products by both influencing international standards efforts and coordinating the development of non-competitive commercial agreements.  The Chair of NATWG is  Len Konecny, Vice President, Clear Channel Communications.

North American Traffic Working Group Events

There are no NATWG sponsored events scheduled the remaining of the year. Stay tuned for annoucements about meetings or sessions at the Consumer Electronic Show.

Activities include

Meeting July 2010 NATWG - Virginia Pooled Fund Study

For past Meetings, go here.

Other NATWG Projects and Products

The NATWG WikiSpace is open for business! Now anyone can browse meeting minutes, activities, agendas, projects and more!  Join ITS America - and get even more access and collaborate with NATWG.

  • NEW! NATWG Releases BMW Event Code Translations for US English with CEN and USA Comparison. View and comment on common TMC code translations between CEN, BMW, NAVTEQ and SIEMENS on our wiki ( URL).


  • Reply Comments of ITS America - North American Traffic Working Group to the Federal Highway Administration on Real Time System Management Information Program Regarding NPRM 23 CFR 511, 2009 - PDF
    • Background on the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Real Time Traffic System Management Information Program - URL
    • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) - Real Time Traffic System Management Information Regulations Docket (Comments close April 14, 2009) - URL


  • Influencing Traveler Information Services Association (TISA) and other bodies to ensure requirements of North America are recognized in current and future international standards.
  • Collaborating with travel related content and service providers, broadcasters, equipment and device manufacturers, to drive consumer focused solutions.
  • Educating and reaching out to TISA and other international bodies about the work of this group, for example through ITS America.
  • Establishing a process to review and interpret the application of international standards and frameworks and ultimately to define recommendations and requirements.
  • Developing data quality methodologies and metrics.

NATWG is a committee of the ITS America Cross Cutting Issues Forum

NATWG Contact: To become a member of NATWG, contact Steven Bayless, Senior Director of Telecommunications and Telematics, at 202-721-4229 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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