Safety Forum

The ITS America Safety Forum (charter) promotes the research and deployment of safety-related Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications and provides stakeholder guidance on the development of national policies and safety standards. The forum operates within ITS America abide by anti-trust guidelines.

The ITS America Safety Forum serves members by:

  • Promoting solutions which address national needs, including demonstration and deployment of promising systems
  • Collaboratively supporting a more comprehensive and research-based view of national needs for new solutions, including the prioritization of research needs
  • Synthesizing lessons learned and research on the performance and effectiveness of ITS safety systems, taking into account the quality of their interactions with users, and including consideration of international research and demonstration efforts
  • Supporting the development of national deployment policies and technological standards
  • Engaging members (in national, state and local settings), federal and state agencies, the vehicle and highway industries, the consumer electronics and telecommunications industries, the public safety community, research institutions and standards bodies



    Next Call

    • TBD

    Recent Calls

    • Signal Transition & Intersection Capacity Management: the Multi-Objective Programming (MOP) Approach, Aiken Jiantong Ni, December 3rd, 2015 (Presentation Slides)
    • Cybersecurity Issues of Connected Vehicles, Andre Weimerskirch, Associate Research Scientist, UMTRI, November 19th, 2015 (Recording)
    • NextGen Digital Government - Increasing Your Cyber Posture, Shawn Kingsberry, Director of Cloud Services, Engility Corp (Recording)
    • Overview of Cybersecurity Issues in Vehicle and Transportation Infrastructure, Charles Clancy, Director, Hume Center for National Security and Technology, Virginia Tech, October, 2015 (Recording)
    • State of the Practice on Vehicular On-Board Cybersecurity Issues, Michael Dudnik, President, IQMRI, October, 2015 (Recording)
    • Hacks and Attacks: Setting Investment Priorities, Doug Couto, Independent Consultant; Shannon M. Barnes and Craig Schumacher, Idaho DOT; Nader Mehravari, Carnegie Mellon University, September, 2015 (Recording)
    • ITS America Update on Cybersecurity – Technology and Regulatory Issues, Steven Bayless, Vice President, Technology and Markets, ITS America, September, 2015 (Recording)
    • Intelligent Transportation Systems and Security, Brian Anderson and Paul Avery, Principal Engineers, Southwest Research Institute, August, 2015 (Recording)
    • Overview on Automated Vehicles Symposium 2015, Jane Lappin, TRB ITS Subcommittee Chair, and Bobbie Seppelt, Touchstone Evaluations Inc., June 2015 (Recording)
    • Augmented Reality for Vulnerable Users Protection, Christian Claudel, University of Texas, Austin, April 2015 (Recording)
    • Naturalistic Driving Data: Collection, Processing, and Application, Miguel Perez, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, March 2015 (Recording)
    • Overview of FTA’s Safety-Related Rulemakings, Policies, Guidance & Training, Lynn L. Spencer, Director of the Office of System Safety at the Federal Transit Administration, USDOT Federal Transit Administration, February 2015 (Recording
    • The Role of Digital Infrastructure for Road Vehicle Automation, Robert Denaro, independent consultant, January 2015 (Recording)


    • Overview of the current ITS research activities on Automation of Road Transport in European Union, Maxime Flament, Head of Sector for Safe Mobility at ERTICO - ITS Europe, December 2014 (Recording)
    • Overview of NHTSA's Vehicle-to-Vehicle Rulemaking, John Harding and Gregory Powell, Leads of NHTSA Rulemaking, NHTSA, USDOT, October 2014 (Recording)
    • Overview of Safety Forum Activities at the World Congress, Catherine C. McGhee, Associate Director for Safety, Operations and Traffic Engineering, VDOT; Greg Fitch, Research Scientist, Center for Automated Vehicle Systems, VTTI; and Robert Murphy, Project Manager, AECOM, August 2014 (Recording)
    • Enhanced Work Zone Safety and Reliability Through Connected Automation Technologies, Paul Avery, R&D Manager, Southwest Research Institute, July 2014 (Recording)
    • IEEE's Initiatives on Transportation Safety, Lee Stogner, Chair, IEEE Transportation Electrification Initiative 2010–2011 Director, IEEE Board of Directors, June 2014 (Recording)
    • NHTSA's Human Factors Research, Ritchie Huang, Senior Technical Lead - Program Manager at Office of Vehicle Safety Research/Office of Crash Avoidance & Electronic Controls - Human Factors/Engineering Integration Division, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, May 2014 (Recording)
    • Cars Talk to Phones: A DSRC Based Vehicle-Pedestrian Safety System, Xinzhou Wu, Principal Engineer/Manager of Qualcomm Research, and Sue Bai, Principal Engineer of Honda, April 2014 (Recording)

    Before 2014

    • Southeast Michigan Connected Vehicle Test Bed Project 2014, Walton Fehr, ITS Joint Program Office, USDOT, December 2013 (Recording)
    • Human Factor Research at Federal Highway Administration, David Yang, Human Factors Team Leader, Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA’s) Office of Safety R&D, October 2013 (Recording)
    • ITS Research and Innovation -- a European Perspective, Wolfgang Hoefs, Directorate-General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology Smart Cities and Sustainability, European Commission, August 2013 (Recording)
    • Toward Fully Automated Driving, Jan Becker, Senior Manager. Robert Bosch LLC, July 2013 (Recording)
    • Preview of TRB Workshop on Road Vehicle Automation, Jane Lappin, Chairperson, TRB ITS Committee, June 2013 (Recording)
    • NHTSA's Distracted Driving Guidelines, Christopher Monk, Human Factors Division Chief, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), May 2013 (Recording)
    • Augmented Reality – Opportunities and Challenges for Transportation, hosted by Human Interaction with ITS committeeGregory Fitch, the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, and Joseph Gabbard, Virginia Tech Industrial and Systems Engineering/Human Factors department, May 2013 (Recording)
    • Preview of Safety Sessions at ITS America 2013 Annual Meeting, Jim Misener; Myra Blanco, research scientist and group leaders, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute; Jon Adams, VP, Strategic Development, Lilee Systems, Ltd., March 2013 (Recording)
    • Traffic Incident Management Partnerships, Frank C. Horne, Director of the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Office of Incident Management, February 2013 (Recording)
    • Response, Emergency Staging and Communications, Uniform Management, and Evacuation Program in USDOT, Linda D. Dodge, Chief of Staff & Public Safety Program Manager, ITS-JPO, USDOT, January 2013 (Recording)
    • Connected Vehicle Safety Pilot Model Deployment, Jim Sayer, Program Manager, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, November 2012 (Recording)
    • CMU-Penn UTC Projects in Philadelphia, Daniel D. Lee, Professor, University of Pennsylvania, October 2012 (Recording)
    • Safety Pilot model deployment, Mike Schagrin, Program Manager, U.S.DOT, September 2012 (Recording)
    • Safety Sessions at 19th ITS World Congress, Maxime Flament, Head of Safe Mobility Sector, ERTICO, August 2012 (Recording)
    • Demos at 19th ITS World Congress, Alexander Frötscher, Head of Unit, ITS Development, AustriaTech, August 2012 (Recording)
    • The Digital Evolution of 911, Laurie Flaherty, Program Analyst in the Office of EMS, NHTSA, July 2012 (Recording)
    • ITU-T FG Distraction, Scott Pennock, Senior Standards Specialist, QNX, June 2012 (Recording)

    All slides of these calls are available to forum members upon request.

    Policy and Position Statement

    Recent Projects

    • Worked with U.S. DOT NHTSA to shape a sample state law to prevent texting while driving
    • Developed ITS America Policy and Position Statement on driver distraction and the role of technology
    • Organized multiple executive level panel discussions on driver distraction for national and international events
    • Sponsored webinar sessions for greater ITS America membership on U.S. DOT Connected Vehicle applications for emergency vehicles
    • Developed Next Generation 9-1-1 report

    How to Participate

    You must be a member of ITS America in order to join the Safety Forum. Not a member? Contact the Membership Team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 202-484-4847. If you want to learn more about the Safety Forum activities, agendas and projects, please contact Adrian Guan.

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