The Technology Scan Webinar Series

Enriching Dialogue between Transportation Technologists

The goal of the Technology Scan and Assessment Webinar Series is to synthesize and enrich the discussion about new technologies among members of the engineering community interested in connected vehicles. The webinar series covers a number of new technology-enabled systems that may potentially interface with a future Dedicated Short Range Communication “connected vehicle” core system.

To learn more about the U.S. DOT sponsored Technology Scan and Assessment Project, click here.

This series is sponsored by the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office (ITS-JPO). Webinars last one hour and are free and open for anyone to participate.

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Upcoming Technology Scan and Assessment Webinars

May 2015

Technology Scan Webinar: Utah DOT's Mapping Program

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When: May 14, 2015 // 2:00 p.m. EDT


  • Stan Burns, Director of Asset Management, Utah DOT

In 2012 the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) began a data collection project to inventory and geo-located all of its above ground assets by using mapping grade mobile LiDAR technologies. The Department wide effort included maintenance, traffic, operations, structures, outdoor advertising, and safety.  Recently the Department updated the inventory during the 2014 season.

The data collection project has been a catalyst for improvements across the entire asset management spectrum from safety, design and maintenance.  The entire inventory is easily accessible at the Department’s data website, known as UPlan.  

Stan Burns is the Director of Asset Management for the Utah Department of Transportation. He holds a BSCE degree from the University of Utah. He is a registered professional engineer with 25 years of experience. During his career he has held positions in design, operations, planning and program management.

Recordings of Previous Technology Scan and Assessment Webinars

Technology Scan Webinar: Vehicle Applications and Wireless Interoperability - Heterogeneous Networks, "Multi-Path" Applications and their Impact on Transportation

When: Wednesday, April 22 // 2:00 p.m. EDT


  • Adrian Guan, Senior Technical Programs Specialist, ITS America
  • Steve Bayless, Senior Director, Telecommunications and Telematics, ITS America

This webinar is based on an ITS America report investigating how heterogeneous mobile broadband networks could enable interoperability between next generation vehicle and road infrastructure applications. 

Download the full report: PDF | HTML

View the full recording.

Technology Scan Webinar: IEEE on Sharing the 5.9ghz Band

When: Thursday, April 16 // 2:00 p.m. EDT


  • Jim Lansford, CSR Technology, Inc
  • Dr. John Kenney, Toyota
  • Richard Bishop, Bishop Consulting
The work of IEEE 802.11 DSRC Coexistence Tiger Team has a high relevance to the connected vehicle community. Join us as members of IEEE report on the status of the working group and the feasibility of sharing the 5.9ghz band.

Download the Technology Scan report published in relation to this webinar: PDF | HTML

View the full recording.

U.S. Open Data Institute

Thursday, March 5 at 2pm ET

 Waldo Jacquith, Director, U.S. Open Data

The director of U.S. Open Data, Waldo Jacquith, will join us to explain the general efforts for open data, what makes data 'open' and this history of open data initiatives. He'll also report on the state of open transportation data, how government Chief Data Officers and Chief Information Offices tend to regard open data and where open transportation data is going in the future. 

View the full recording.

Introduction to Resilience Management Model (CERT-RMM)

Tuesday, December 9 at 1pm EDT

Dr. Nader Mehravari, Carnegie Mellon University

Click here for a recording of the session.

CERT Resilience Management Model (CERT-RMM) is the most modern and comprehensive framework for managing operational resilience in a variety of organizations; small or large, simple or complex, public or private. It enables a structured, repeatable, and integrated method for organizations to plan, assess, manage, and sustain not only traditional preparedness planning efforts (e.g., disaster recovery, business continuity, crisis management) but also other key operational risk management activities such as information security and IT operations.

The CERT Resilience Management Model (CERT-RMM) is an innovative and transformative way to approach the challenge of managing operational resilience in complex, risk-evolving environments.  By improving operational resilience management processes, the organization in turn improves the mission assurance of high - value services.

BioDr. Nader Mehravari is with the CERT® Division of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at the Carnegie Mellon University. Nader has over 30 years of experience in leading and performing technical, business, research, and teaching activities in aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and consulting industries for domestic and international entities as well as in academic environments. His current areas of interest and research include operational resilience, cybersecurity and resilience management, protection and sustainment of critical infrastructure, preparedness planning, and associated risk management principles and practices.

This webinar is a complement to the ITS America report: Cybersecurity and Dependable Transportation / System Assurance, Operations and Reactive Defense for Next Generation Vehicles and  Intelligent Highway Infrastructure


Use of LIDAR in Intelligent Transportation Systems 

The Experience of Velodyne In Autonomous Driving and Road Infrastructure Characterization

Presenter: Wolfgang Juchmann, Ph.D. Velodyne

Wolfgang Juchmann Velodyne

Wolfgang Juchmann has more than 14 years of international experience in technical sales, product management, and marketing of industrial lasers and optical products for a variety of applications. Juchmann earned his Ph.D. in Laser Spectroscopy of combustion flames and thin-film deposition plasmas from the University of Heidelberg, Germany. 

This webinar will discuss the potential of LIDAR as an active sensing technology in crash avoidance, driving automation and mobile road survey and mapping.  

The WEBINAR was Wednesday October 30, 2013 2pm-3pm Eastern 

Click here for a recording of the session.

The PDF of the presentation is not available at this time.

This webinar is a companion to the ITS America report:  Trends in Roadway Domain Active Sensing

 Velodyne's demonstration vehicle featuring 360º horizontal and 30-40º vertical field-of-view LiDAR 

What’s Driving All This Driving? WEBINAR was Thursday, November 15, 2012, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. EST.  Presenter:  Dr. Kenneth Laberteaux, Senior Principal Research Scientist at Toyota Research Institute-North America.

Click here for a recording of the session

Click here to download the presentation

This webinar is a companion to the ITS America report below

Connected Vehicle Assessment: Vehicle Electrification and the Smart Grid - The Supporting Role of Safety and Mobility Services 

Innovation in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Platforms, Applications and Standards- WEBINAR was Wednesday, February 15, 2012 2p EST; Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey O. Smith, Chief Technology Officer, Numerex

Jeffery Smith

Click here to view a recording of the session
Click here to download the presentation

This is a webinar in a companion to ITS America report:

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications

Fourth Generation Wireless Infrastructure - Long Term Evolution (LTE) Advanced and Heterogenous Networks (HetNets) WEBINAR was Wednesday December 14, 2011 1p EST;  Presenter Rasmus Hellberg Ph.D., Director, Technical Marketing, Qualcomm

Rasmus Hellburg Qualcomm

Click here to view a recording of the session
Click here to download the presentation

This is a webinar is a companion to ITS America report:

Fourth Generation Wireless Vehicle and Highway Gateways to the Cloud

Computer Vision and Intelligent Transportation Systems WEBINAR was Wednesday, July 27, 2011 1p EDT; Presenter: Ned Lecky, President and Chief Technical Lead, Lecky Integration

Ned Lecky

Click here to view a recording of the session (0:00 Introduction, 4:18 Presentation, 54:15 Q&A)

Click here to download presentation

This is a webinar in a companion to ITS America report: Trends in Computer Vision: An Overview of Vision-based Data acquisition and Processing Technology

To learn more about the U.S. DOT sponsored Technology Scan and Assessment project, click here.

For other webinars, see ITS America's Webinar Series page.

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