ITS America Webinar Series

The ITS America Webinar Series is a chance for members to learn more about developments in the ITS industry and connect with other members on a range of topics. Upcoming webinars are listed on the schedule below and on the ITS Calendar. Previous webinars can be viewed in our webinar archives.

ITS America members can use the registration links for each of the webinars below to receive log-in information. Not a member? Register for the series and we will contact you directly about membership for your organization and additional benefits to being a member of ITS America.

All webinars will be recorded and then archived within a week. 

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ITS America Webinar Series Schedule

January 2015

Emergency Vehicle Operator On-Board Devices: Their Impact on Distraction, Safety and Performance (sponsored by the Transportation Safety Advancement Group)

Thursday, January 22 at 2pm ET.

Speakers: Christine Yager and Tom Ferris, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute will explore the impact of on-board devices inside emergency response vehicles. While they cansupport emergency operations by facilitating easy access to necessary information, there is a potential downside to the introduction of these technologies in that they can endanger the professionals and other drivers on the road when driver choose (or are required) to interact with the technology while piloting the vehicle. This presentation will explore the technologies, required interactions and the theories of human information processing as it relates to these issues. 


Member Spotlight: Qvision Technology

Wednesday, January 28 at 2pm ET

SpeakersGregory Yova, President and Founder, Margaret Yova, Vice President, and Mike Paulsin, CEO

Join us for a webinar on Qvision and their live video technology being used to monitor traffic conditions on highways, bridges, tunnels and cargo areas. 

Qvision Technology developed and patented a video software product in 2009 to operate, the first and only public information website that provides live video updates of traffic conditions at the San Diego/Tijuana border.

QVision then developed a hybrid DOT specific video which provides live streaming video for TMCs and agency sharing, combined with live video updates for public consumption. The Qvision solution helps DOTs internally share live streaming video and externally distribute video updates, in lieu of still images, via multiple devices (PCs, tablets, smart phones) in the most cost-effective and easy-to-implement way possible.  The Qvision solution is especially useful and economical working with cameras that are only accessible via cellular modems.


February 2015

Technology Scan Webinar: Vehicle Applications and Wireless Interoperability - Heterogeneous Networks, "Multi-Path" Applications and their Impact on Transportation.

Thursday, February 19 

Speaker: Adrian Guan and Steve Bayless of ITS America


March 2015

Technology Scan Webinar: 

Thursday, March 5

Speaker: Waldo Jacquith, U.S. Open Data

The director of U.S. Open Data, Waldo Jacquith, will join us to explain the general efforts for open data, what makes data 'open' and this history of open data initiatives. He'll also report on the state of open transportation data, how government Chief Data Officers and Chief Information Offices tend to regard open data and where open transportation data is going in the future. 


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