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On December 10th, ITS America, New Jersey DOT, and the Committee for a Smart New Jersey (ITS New Jersey) hosted a Smart Parking Symposium in Jersey City, New Jersey.  This hugely successful event drew over 125 attendees from across the region that focused on new parking technology, parking technology deployment and how to monetize parking assets.  Highlights from the meeting included a luncheon keynote from Bruce Shaller, Deputy Commissioner for Planning and Traffic, NYC DOT presented the keynote speech during the luncheon. ITS America also honored StreetLine, a leading global provider of Smart Parking solutions for cities, airports, universities, private garages, and consumers, for pioneering an integrated smart parking platform with a Smart Solutions Spotlight Award. The included the release of a new ITS America study on smart parking. The report analyzes a number of opportunities and challenges for facility operators and technology providers in implementing smart parking.  The report highlights how progressive municipalities and commercial entities  have been in the forefront of understanding how investments in smart parking technology and customer service can meet both the needs of the driving public and improve the operators’ bottom-line.

The ITS America Smart Parking Symposium covered the following topics:

  • Lessons learned in the trenches – thought provoking insight from local and regional public officials
  • Keynote public sector response to growing demand and trends in smart parking
  • Technology Overview from ITS America – independent review and analysis of trends and technologies.
  • New and innovative parking solutions from the providers themselves
  • Investing in the Smart Parking sector – how investors can provide capital and project finance to technology providers to help facilitate deployment.
  • Introduction to ITS America's Study on the Market for Smart Parking Technologies - New Technology in Smart Parking Generating Value for Facilities, Customers and the General Public

  Featured Presentations

From the New and Innovative Smart Parking Solutions panel:

  • AECOM’s Mark Gander: Next Generation Green Parking
  • Click here to download the presentation

From the New Technology in Traditional Parking Facilities panel:

  • A combined presentation from panelists: David K. Tilley of Transcore; Barbara Chance, PhD of CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc.; Joe Survance of Amano McGann and Michael Drow, CAPP of Standard Parking Corporation.
  • Click here to download the presentation

From Luncheon Speaker

  • Bruce Schaller, Deputy Commissioner of Traffic and Planning for NYC DOT: Parking, Technology and Curb Management.
  • Click here to download the presentation

For the Monetizing Parking Assets panel we have presentations from:

  • Guggenheim
  • Guy Wilkinson, KPMG LLP
  • Paul Wessel of Green Parking Council





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