With its unique membership base of private companies, public agencies, researchers and academics, ITS America serves as the only national organization where these stakeholders can come to the same table to engage in the development of public policies needed to advance the next generation of transportation through the Internet of Things.

ITS America focuses on advancing research and deployment of intelligent transportation systems through the identification & execution of public policy at the local, state, and federal levels.

With state chapters representing 43 states, the advocacy agenda—developed by the members— incorporates local, state and federal legislative & regulatory initiatives, grassroots and third party coalition building and educational efforts, events, conferences & programs aligned with policy objectives.

This focus on creating a policy environment conducive to transformative transportation technologies present ample opportunities for increased and deepened membership engagement.

Opportunities to Participate in ITS America’s Advocacy Efforts

  • The Policy and Business Council (i.e., the Legislative Committee) shapes ITS America’s legislative priorities and supports association efforts to achieve its priorities through education and advocacy.  The council addresses foundational issues such as funding for transportation and technology deployment, smart cities transportation initiatives, broad research and development, and larger programs addressing innovation.  The council also addresses the business challenges and opportunities as a part of larger initiatives.
  • The Coordinating Council (i.e., the Regulatory Committee) shapes ITS America’s regulatory, standards and technology agenda addressing public policy priorities around critical technical issues such as Mobility, Traffic Safety, Public Safety, Sustainability, Security, Cybersecurity/Privacy, Sustainability, Equity and Accessibility issues.
  • The State Chapters Council focuses on state legislative and regulatory initiatives as well as grassroots efforts driving ITS deployment.  ITS America’s 25 state and regional chapters span 43 of the 50 states.   A State Chapters Task Force of the Board is committed to working with the state chapters to assist in incorporating this work into the larger ITS public policy structure.

The Leadership Circle (i.e., the Strategic Advisory Council) which will be the members of the patron advocacy trust focuses on thought leadership relating to emerging issues over a three- to five-year horizon. The first activity of this Board-approved effort is a new Smart Cities: Surface & Air Initiative.

Contact Information

Steven Bayless
Vice President of Regulatory Affairs & Public Policy


Jason Goldman
Vice President of External Affairs and Stakeholder Engagement


Ron Thaniel
Vice President of Legislative Affairs